White cheese slices or fresh mozzarella slices
Low-fat cream cheese
Black olives
Green olives

  1. Prepare the Cheese Slices:
    Lay out the white cheese slices or fresh mozzarella slices on a clean surface.
  2. Create the “Eyeball” Center:
    Take a small amount of low-fat cream cheese and shape it into a small, round blob. Place this cream cheese blob in the center of each cheese slice.
  3. Assemble the “Iris” and “Pupil”:
    Take a black olive and carefully cut off one end to create a flat surface. Place this flat end, black side up, onto the cream cheese blob to resemble the “iris” of the eyeball.
    Next, slice a green olive into thin rings. Place one of these green olive rings on top of the black olive, creating the “pupil” of the eyeball.
  4. Serve and Enjoy:
    Arrange your healthy Halloween cheese and olive “eyeball” bites on a platter and serve them to your delighted guests. These delicious and nutritious treats are perfect for your spooky celebration without adding unnecessary weight.