2 ciabattas †

2 British chicken breast portions

90g Jolly Good smoked streaky bacon

21g wholegrain mustard †

1 avocado

8ml truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil

40g cheddar cheese 

30ml mayonnaise

3 white potatoes

1 gem lettuce

2 skewers

1 tomato

Cooking instructions


Preheat the oven to 220°C/ 200°C (fan)/ gas 7, then take your chicken out of the fridge, open the packet and let it air

Chop the potatoes (skins on) into chips

Add the chips to a baking tray with a drizzle of vegetable oil and a pinch of salt and pepper

Put the tray in the oven for 20-25 min or until golden and crisp


While the chips are in the oven, chop the streaky bacon in half

Add the chicken breast portions and chopped bacon to a separate baking tray (or two!) and put the tray[s] in the oven for 15 min or until the chicken is cooked through (no pink meat!) and the bacon is crispy


While the chicken and bacon are cooking, slice the tomato[es] finely

Wash the gem lettuce, then tear off 2 [4] outer leaves and chop them in half

Chop the remaining lettuce into wedges

Combine the wholegrain mustard (not a mustard fan? Go easy!) with the mayo and 1 tsp [2 tsp] cold water – this is your mustard mayo

Grate the cheddar cheese

Cut the avocado[es] in half lengthways and remove the stone[s] using a teaspoon

Scoop the avocado out of its skin using a spoon and slice finely

  1. Once the chicken and bacon are cooked, remove the tray from the oven and set asidePut the ciabattas in the oven for 2-3 min or until warmed through

Transfer the cooked chicken to a clean board and shred it roughly using two forks – this technique is known as ‘pulling’

Sprinkle the grated cheese over the chips and return them to the oven for 2-3 min or until melted

Once done, drizzle the cheesy chips with most of the truffle oil (save some for dipping) – these are your cheesy truffle chips

Slice the warmed ciabattas in half

To build, fill each warmed ciabatta with some mustard mayo, halved lettuce leaves, sliced tomato, pulled chicken, sliced avocado and crispy bacon – these are your chicken & bacon club sandwiches

Using a serrated knife, slice the sandwiches in half into triangles then skewer together

Serve the chicken & bacon club sandwiches with the cheesy truffle chips, lettuce wedges and remaining truffle oil to the side for dipping


Nutritional information

Typical valuesper 100gper serving
Energy513 kJ4027 kJ
122 kcal961 kcal
Fat6.5 g50.6 g
of which saturates1.9 g14.6 g
Carbohydrate9.3 g72.7 g
of which sugars0.7 g5.7 g
Fibre1.2 g9.5 g
Protein7.1 g55.8 g
Salt0.39 g3.07 g