Vegan Carrot Creme Pie: A Symphony of Wholesome Indulgence


Delight your senses with our Vegan Carrot Creme Pie – a divine creation that marries the rich flavors of plant-based goodness and the delicate sweetness of carrots. This exquisite dessert embodies the perfect harmony of textures and tastes, from the nutty crunch of the cookie base to the velvety smoothness of the cashew-infused filling. As we embark on this culinary journey, let’s explore the art of crafting these delectable creme pies, where each ingredient plays a vital role in creating a symphony of indulgence.

Ingredients at a Glance:

For the Cookie Base:

  1. Softened Vegan Butter (2 tablespoons):
    • A luscious and plant-based fat that forms the foundation of the cookie base.
  2. Plant-Based Milk (1 tablespoon):
    • A liquid element that contributes moisture to the cookie mixture.
  3. Shredded Carrot (2-3 tablespoons, optional):
    • An optional addition for those desiring a hint of natural sweetness and vibrant color.
  4. Flax Egg (1 tablespoon ground flaxseed + 3 tablespoons water):
    • A vegan alternative to traditional eggs, providing binding and moisture.
  5. Coconut Sugar (3 tablespoons):
    • A natural sweetener that imparts a caramel-like depth to the cookie base.
  6. Unsweetened Coconut Flakes (3 tablespoons):
    • Coconut flakes add a tropical essence and texture to the cookie.
  7. Almond Flour (2.5 tablespoons):
    • Ground almonds contribute a nutty richness and a delicate crumb.
  8. Coconut Flour (1 tablespoon):
    • Coconut flour provides structure and a hint of coconut flavor to the cookie.
  9. Chopped Walnuts:
    • Walnuts lend a satisfying crunch and enhance the overall nuttiness of the base.
  10. Cinnamon:
    • A warming spice that complements the sweetness and adds depth to the cookie.
  11. Pinch of Sea Salt:
    • Sea salt balances the sweetness and enhances the overall flavor profile.

For the Cashew Creme Filling:

  1. Soaked Cashews (1/4 cup):
    • Cashews, when soaked, become the creamy heart of the filling, imparting luxurious texture.
  2. Maple Syrup (2 tablespoons):
    • A natural sweetener that brings a distinct sweetness to the creme filling.
  3. Vanilla Extract (1/4 teaspoon):
    • Vanilla extract enhances the overall flavor profile, adding a hint of sweetness and aroma.
  4. Pinch of Sea Salt:
    • A touch of sea salt elevates the flavors, ensuring a well-balanced filling.

The Art of Creation:

  1. Mingling of Flavors:
    • Begin by harmonizing the softened vegan butter, plant-based milk, shredded carrot (if using), flax egg, coconut sugar, unsweetened coconut flakes, almond flour, coconut flour, chopped walnuts, cinnamon, and a pinch of sea salt. Allow the mixture to sit, letting the ingredients weave their flavors together.
  2. Shaping the Symphony:
    • Spoon the cookie mixture onto a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, creating a shape of your choice. These cookies maintain their shape during baking, allowing for creative presentation.
  3. Baking Crescendo:
    • Bake the cookies at 350°F for 8 to 10 minutes, ensuring they are just set. Let them cool on the cookie sheet, preserving their delightful texture.
  4. Filling Ensemble:
    • For the luscious filling, blend together soaked cashews, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a pinch of sea salt. This symphony of ingredients results in a velvety creme that will elevate the cookie to a decadent treat.
  5. Artful Assembly:
    • Spread the indulgent cashew creme on one cookie and artfully sandwich it with another, creating a divine creme pie that encapsulates layers of flavor and texture.
  6. Pure Enjoyment:
    • With each bite, relish the melding of nutty crunch and creamy filling, savoring the delicate sweetness of maple and the subtle warmth of cinnamon.

Optional Flourish:

  1. Broil Brilliance (Optional):
    • For those seeking an extra touch of brilliance, consider broiling the assembled creme pies for 2-3 minutes, imparting a golden finish to the edges.

Serving Elegance:

  1. Symphony in Squares:
    • As the Vegan Carrot Creme Pies emerge from the oven, serve them in squares, each portion encapsulating the layers of flavor meticulously crafted.
  2. Temperature Versatility:
    • Whether enjoyed fresh from the oven or allowed to cool, these creme pies adapt to various temperatures, offering a delightful experience with each bite.

Notes for Culinary Mastery:

  • Frozen Convenience:
    • For a convenient twist, these creme pies can be frozen and enjoyed later, retaining their delightful texture.
  • Nut-Free Adaptation:
    • Opting for sunflower butter as a substitute for almond flour creates a nut-free version without compromising on flavor.
  • Culinary Alchemy:
    • To achieve an even smoother consistency in the cashew creme, an immersion blender may be employed, ensuring a velvety filling.
  • Dynamic Flavor Evolution:
    • As these creme pies are stored, the flavors deepen and intensify, creating a culinary experience that evolves with time.


In conclusion, the Vegan Carrot Creme Pie is not merely a dessert; it is a harmonious interplay of textures and tastes that elevates plant-based indulgence to new heights. From the creation of the nutty cookie base to the infusion of rich cashew creme, every step in this culinary journey is an ode to the artistry of vegan baking. Whether relishing these creme pies fresh or allowing them to mature in flavor over time, the experience is nothing short of a symphony for the senses. With each bite, savor the culmination of wholesome ingredients and culinary finesse, indulging in a moment of pure delight. Bon appétit!


2T softened vegan butter

1T plant-based milk

2-3T shredded carrot (optional) (amount depends on your macros )

1 flax egg (1T ground flaxseed + 3T water)

3T coconut sugar

3T unsweetened coconut flakes

2.5T almond flour

1T coconut flour

chopped walnuts


pinch of sea salt

Let the mixture sit a minute to thicken. Spoon with a greased, round scoop onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and push with the back of a spoon into a flat shape. These will spread very little, if at all, so make them whatever shape you would like at this step.

Bake at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes, or just until set, and cool on the cookie sheet.

For the filling, blend together:
1/4 cup soaked cashews

2T maple syrup

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of sea salt

Spread the filling on one cookie and sandwich with another. Enjoy!

This recipe made about 6 pieces for a total of 3 creme pies, but could easily be multiplied!