Keto Yeast Bread By: Keto King Video Yield: 1 loaf


1/2 cup of Oat Fiber (41g/1.45oz)2/3 cup of Flaxseed Meal (70g/2.46oz)1.25 cups of Vital Wheat Gluten (190g/4.9oz) 1 teaspoon Salt (6g / 0.21oz) 0-4 Tablespoons powdered Sweetener (0 – 60g/4oz)1/2 teaspoon Xanthan Gum (2.5g/0.88oz) 1 cup warm water (50-55C / 120-131F) (240ml/8.1oz)1 Tablespoon INSTANT Yeast (8g/0.28oz)1 teaspoon Honey (7g/0.25oz)2 Eggs (lightly beaten)2 Tablespoons softened Butter (30g/1.05oz)


In a bowl at flax meal, oat fiber, vital wheat gluten, xanthan gum and salt. In a mixing bowl, add warm water, yeast and honey. Add the lightly beaten eggs and butter. Kneed for 8 mins. Form into the pan and let it rise in a moist environment for 1 ½- 2 hrs. Bake 375 for 25 mins Macros for entire Keto Yeast Bread: Calories: 1888 Cal Fat: 90gCarbs: 40g Net Carbs (183g total carbs – 83g fibre – 60g sugar alcohols)Protein: 185gMacros per slice of Keto Yeast Bread (assuming 18 slices):Calories: 105 Cal Fat: 5gCarbs: 2.2g Net Carbs (10.1g total carbs – 4.6g fibre – 3.3g sugar alcohols)Protein: 10g0:11 / 0:16