Cherry Cheesecake Jars: A Weight Watchers-Friendly Dessert Delight


Embark on a guilt-free journey of indulgence with our Cherry Cheesecake Jars—a Weight Watchers-friendly dessert that captures the classic charm of cheesecake in a portion-controlled jar. This delightful treat promises to satisfy your sweet cravings while keeping you on track with your wellness goals.

Smart Ingredient Choices

At the heart of these cheesecake jars lies a selection of smart ingredients. Utilize light or reduced-fat cream cheese to achieve the luscious creaminess without the added points. Opt for a sugar substitute to sweeten the filling, ensuring a delightful sweetness without compromising your commitment to a lower point count.

Nutty and Crunchy Crust

Craft a nutty and crunchy crust using crushed graham crackers or a combination of nuts. This choice adds a textural element to the dessert while maintaining a health-conscious profile. The nutty crust also contributes heart-healthy fats.

Wholesome Greek Yogurt

Incorporate non-fat Greek yogurt into the cheesecake filling to add a tangy richness without excess calories. This substitution not only enhances the texture but also introduces probiotic benefits to your dessert.

Cherry Bliss Topping

Top your cheesecake jars with a luscious cherry compote or fresh cherry slices. The natural sweetness of the cherries adds a burst of fruity flavor without the need for excessive sugar.

Portion-Controlled Delight

The individual jars ensure built-in portion control, allowing you to enjoy the decadence of cheesecake without overindulging. This feature makes Cherry Cheesecake Jars a perfect dessert option for those mindful of their Weight Watchers points.

Garnish with Elegance

Elevate the visual appeal of your dessert by garnishing each jar with a dollop of light whipped cream or a sprinkle of grated dark chocolate. These finishing touches add an element of elegance and make your Cherry Cheesecake Jars a delightful treat for the eyes and palate.

Serving Suggestions

Consider serving these cheesecake jars at your next gathering or as a sweet ending to a weeknight dinner. Their individual servings make them perfect for special occasions or as a convenient and portion-controlled dessert option.

Conclusion: Savoring Sweet Moments, Minus the Points

In conclusion, our Cherry Cheesecake Jars redefine dessert indulgence within the Weight Watchers framework. With smart ingredient choices, a focus on portion control, and the delightful combination of creamy cheesecake and fruity cherries, these jars invite you to savor sweet moments without worrying about the points. Make Cherry Cheesecake Jars a staple in your dessert repertoire, celebrating the joy of a delicious treat crafted for both flavor and wellness.

Cherry Cheesecake Jars

 3 Weight Watchers points per serving for a good snack!!!!


  • 32 ounces of Chobani Plain Greek non-fat Yogurt zero points
  • 3 sheets of Great Value Honey Grahams 8 points
  • 1 package Jello cheesecake reduced calorie instant pudding and pie filling 3 points
  • 12 ounces Great value no sugar added cherry pie filling 5 points


took half of a cracker crushed it up and put it on the bottom of each jar. In a bowl I mixed the Greek yogurt with the jello and I weighed 5 oz into each jar, then I weighed 2 oz of cherries into each jar