My 0 point “ice cream”! Before you come at me about blended fruits having points, I eat this with a spoon so it’s not a smoothie and I’ve lost over 60lbs having a big bowl of this every day (sometimes 2) and tracking it at 0 points. I just put some ff plain Greek yogurt, frozen sliced strawberries and some Splenda in my food processor and mix until it’s the consistency I desire. Sometimes I will leave bigger chunks of strawberries in it, other times I just blend it all down to soft serve. It’s sooooooo good!

1 cup Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt.

A little over 2cups Frozen Sliced Strawberries. The more you add the stiffer it gets.

1/4 cup Splenda. Tbh I normally add a little more than this, it still came out good, I just like mine extra sweet.

After about a minute on high. Then i mix it around and blend until it’s as smooth as I like sometimes I have to mix, blend, mix, blend, etc to get it done if I am making a big amount.

I like it with a few chunks of strawberries, so I decided to finish here!

Next time I will use more strawberries and a little more Splenda. I like mine sweeter and thicker than this batch, but it still tastes amazing!